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    Lower Windsor Township  (since 2004 remade with new look in 2010 and again in 2015)

Board minutes, permits, newsletters and everything that a township needs to make available for those living in or doing business within the township.  Certain forms may now be filled in using your computer.  No more hard to read handwriting.  All you need to do is print out the completed form and either drop it off at the township building or mail it in.  

The site has been completely remade after many years with the original look.  Drop down menus and a whole new look with larger pictures on each page makes the site more attractive and easier to navigate.   Visit the site.

   Eastern York Area Recreation Commission (since 2004)

EYARC or Eastern York Area Recreation Commission places on its site a variety of information.  A wide variety of classes for all ages from educational to sports, crafts to trips, computer skills to dancing.  The site supplies a registration form and latest in contests and games available for those living within the Eastern York area.  The site is updated every 4 months with a new set of class offerings.  Some of these are free and others require a modest fee. The fees vary whether you are a resident of the Eastern York area or not.  Programs are available for all ages with a special preschool program for the little ones.  When summer rolls around, there are special summer camps also available.  Visit the site.


  Rentzel's Auction Service (since 2003)

This auction site gives a list of auctions that no newspaper ad can do.  Lists of onsite, real estate and personal property auctions with pictures to bring the items available to life.  Some past results are posted.  Even a search engine is available for you to check out a special item.  Check it out whether you are an avid auction-goer or whether you are just curious what an auction is really like. Visit the site.


  My Woodworking Toy Projects (since 2005)

As the title suggests this site contains a bunch of wood toys.  They are mostly made of cherry with some walnut, maple and poplar thrown in.  The are built to last.  Pull toys, trains, a rocking horse and many trucks top the list.  Some of these items even have their own video included.  They are not listed for sale but the woodworker is always willing to converse with like enthusiasts regarding how to make these toys.  Most of them will find their way to the grandchildren over the next few years and some are already there.  Visit the site.

  Ethiopian Outreach Ministry (since 1999)

You say you can't read that?  That's ok.  Most of the site is in English.  It states the history of the ministry and the reasons for it to exist.  Many Bible studies are available (in Amharic) plus many audio messages.  You will need to understand Amharic to listen to the audio and video messages.  To catch up on what the ministry has been doing over the last 20 years you can read the many newsletters that are available.  You may want to visit the site just to see the many different ways information is displayed.  Visit the site.

  East Manchester Township  (since 2006 - remake in 2011)

East Manchester Township is located in eastern York County and borders the Susquehanna River.  This site supplies meeting minutes, agendas, forms in pdf format to download and local information.  Forms may be filled in at your own computer, printed and taken to the township office for final approval and payment if one is required.  Filling them in is easy to do and then also easy to read.  Items of interest are linked from the home page so that a visitor does not have to search the site for current information.  Visit the site.

  Chanceford Township  (since 2006)

Chanceford Township is located in York County bordered by Windsor Twp and Lower Windsor Twp on the north, North Hopewell Twp and East Hopewell Twp on the west, Lower Chanceford Twp on the south and the Susquehanna River on the east.  This site supplies meeting minutes and agendas, local information, forms, permits, and ordinances in pdf format to download.  We have also added the option to fill in these forms using your own computer.  They may then be printed.  This is easy and also makes the form easier to read.  Items of local interest and special updates are accessible from the home page.   Visit the site.


  Conewago Township Township  (since 2007)

Conewago Township is found in York County. The township consists of 24.35 square miles and is bordered on the north by Newberry Twp., on the east by East Manchester Twp., on the south by Manchester Twp., and on the west by Dover Twp.  This site supplies meeting minutes and agendas, local information, forms, permits, and ordinances in pdf format to download.   Visit the site



  Windsor Area Recreation Commission  (since 2008)

This website had been down for a period of time and needed someone to get it up and running again.  I restructured and organized the file structure and standardized file downloads.  The site displays courses, bus trips, enrichment, leisure, sports and fitness activities planned in the township.  The site is updated every four months with minor updates occurring when needed.  Visit the site

  Strinestown Community Fire Company  (since 2008)

Strinestown Community Fire Co. is a volunteer fire company that serves Conewago Twp. in York County, PA.  Like many fire companies, they have a web site to display their apparatus, tell their history, advertise their fundraisers and promote fire safety.  The site also has a password protected section for members only.  Visit the site

  Susquehanna Senior Center  (since 2008)

Susquehanna Senior Center promotes the health, emotional, social and intellectual well-being of senior adults, through daily programs that keep them independent and living in the community  The web site has an activity schedule, special events and numerous photo galleries.  Visit the site

  Union Fire and Hose Company #1 - Dover (since 2009)

This fire company's website provides a large amount of information.  Along with the normal History, Officers, Fundraisers, Links, Station Apparel for sale and Apparatus pictures with descriptions, the site includes an active Calendar, Photo Galleries of fire calls, and an excellent list of educational information on fire safety.  This information is also provided in PDF for download.  The fire hall and kitchen is also available for rental.  Visit the site

  MoHoHeCo - Mobile Home Heating and Cooling (since January 2010)

MoHoHeCo is a company that installs and supplies a full line of mobile home heating and cooling equipment. We also handle warranty issues for both Miller and Coleman furnaces and air conditioners.  We service all gas appliances.  We install and repair gas lines for Natural and LP gas.  We also offer plumbing and electrical repairs.  Our service is guaranteed and backed by 40 years of experience.  The site includes pictures and descriptions of many of the items that the company sells and services. Visit the site

  Rowland Financial Advisors (since September 2010)

Rowland Financial Advisors represents a financial planner.  The site contains articles for financial planning and links to financial services.  Flash and audio make the home page interesting and attractive.  Visit the site

  Dover Borough (PA) (Since October 2010)

Dover Borough has created a very picturesque site using photos of the many historic and notable places in the borough.  Even though it is not very large, there were plenty of good photos available.  As with most government agencies, the site relays information for the residents in a very pleasant, simple manner.  Visit the site


  Dave Grube, 3D Racing (Since February 2011)

Dave Grube races in the local area.  The chassis is a Hyper Viper and the engine is a Honda RS 123 and CR 250.  He races in the 125cc and 270cc Micro Sprint.  He was the champion at Linda's Speedway in the 125cc category in 2009.  He races at Linda's Speedway, Clyde Martin Memorial (LANCO), Greenwood Valley Action Track and Kutztown Speedway.  The website gives some information about Dave, his racing information and a schedule of racing and results.  There is also a gallery of pictures in different categories and is constantly being updated.  Visit the site.


  Northeastern York Country Sewer Authority (Since December 2011)

The Manchester-Mt. Wolf Sewer Authority was formed on April 30, 1959, to serve the Boroughs of Manchester and Mount Wolf. Construction of the original wastewater treatment plant was completed on December 7, 1961. In 1978, the Smith Garden area of East Manchester Township was connected to public sewer.

Today the Northeastern York County Sewer Authority serves 3,590 customers as shown below:
Manchester Borough – 1213; Mt. Wolf Borough - 584  ;Smith Garden Area - 164 ;
East Manchester Twp.- 1627; Manchester Twp. - 2.  The web site contains minutes, forms, FAQ, and general information about the authority.  It also has a photo gallery of new construction.  Visit the site.


  Yorktown Senior Center (Since November 2013)

Yorktown Senior Center is located at 509 Pacific Avenue in York, Pa.  The website makes available links to many resources for those 60 and older.  A monthly newsletter and calendar of events are available along with a monthly menu of lunches served at the senior center.  A list of activities are posted with pictures of recent activities and fundraisers. 


 Visit the site





  Paradise Township (Since February 2014)

Located in Western York County bordered by the Jackson Township on the East, Washington and Dover Townships on the North, Heidelberg Township on the South and Adams County on the West.  Visit the site

Settled circa 1738
Incorporated circa 1747
Area: 18.9 square miles
Population Density: 210 persons/ square mile
2008 Population Estimate: 3,972


  East Prospect Borough  (Since March 2014)

East Prospect Borough is located in eastern York County south of Route 30 within a mile of the Susquehanna River.

Incorporated circa 1874
Area: .35 square miles
Population Density: 2663 persons/ square mile
2012 Population: 941


Visit the site


  Greater Dover Historical Society  (Since August 2014)

I acquired this site because the previous web master left.  I was recommended by a current client to maintain the site.  Since it is a site that deals with historical information regarding the area covered, there are many pictures and documents pertaining to the greater Dover area.  I have not recreated the site but will only keep it up-to-date.


Visit the site




  Mt Wolf Borough  (Since January 2015)

I acquired this site because the council wanted an updated site with easier navigation.  It still contains an elaborate history link to the original site but now the main site is reserved for borough related information such as permits, ordinances, minutes, ...etc. 


visit the site





Northeastern Community Senior Center (Since March 2015)

I acquired this site because the center director wanted a new look for the original site.  The new site is easier to navigate and also has eliminated many outdated information.



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Newberry Township (Since August 2015)

The township already had a web site but felt they  needed a site that was easier to navigate.   This site is a step into the new world of different devices used to access the internet.  Rather than a standard size that makes a cell phone user  constantly scroll to read a web page, this site is responsive to different sizes of all devices.  Since this site had already existed, most of the material was taken from the original site.  That means that some of the pages were graphic images.   Therefore some of the pages display their information by the graphic.  These pages will not fit the responsive element and only part of the graphic will show.  If this part of the site is important, then those pages will need to be revised.  The pages that offer links to such items as ordinances and forms are responsive.

The main menu does not display at the top of the screen on a cell phone.  All items in the menu will fully display on a cell phone so that the main links not need to be touched to display the sub-items.


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Windsor Borough (Since January 2016)

Windsor Borough is one of 36 boroughs in York County, Pennsylvania.  It is located within Windsor Township and to the northeast of Red Lion .  The borough is 320 acres in size and was established in 1905.  It was originally named for Windsor, England.  It was formally named Windsorville.  The population as of the 2013 census was 1,474.

The website lists Administrative contacts and various local resources.  Water/sewer and Trash/recycle information is also found here.

Forms and Permits along with Ordinances are found on the site.


Visit the site







Salem Square Community Association Inc. (Since October 2016)

The Salem Square Community Association is Christ-centered and motivated by the Kingdom of God to transform our neighborhoods by encouraging and empowering the community to realize its full potential as a safe and healthy place to live, work, worship, and play.



Our purpose is to transform the Salem Square Community neighborhood by encouraging and enabling the community to realize its full potential as a safe and healthy place to live, work, worship and play.


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Zion (Shaffer's) United Lutheran Church (Since June 2017)

This church needed an upgrade from a website that was created many years ago.  The modern look will give them a better presence to anyone who many be looking for a church to attend.


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Ocean City, NJ at Night (Since September 2017)

I have enjoyed photography for years and have taken photos for sports, wildlife, nature and finally some night pictures of my favorite vacation spot.  This site contains most of the good shots over the last few years.  I hope you enjoy them and if you visit Ocean City, New Jersey, maybe you will recognize some of these places.  I may add more photos in the next few years.

Visit the site